Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Quarry of Magic Strange


The visual metaphor of the folded paper stabbed through by the pen has been used by many films, TV shows that have wormholes as part of their conceit.  The dimension traversed by the wormhole is percieved as a heavy darkness, possibly filled with nightmares that may bleed into this reality and which provides a way of bypassing time and an instantaneous bridge for the senses, or the entire physical body - a secondary and orthogonal time dimension, anti-time, the reversiverse and in Stranger Things the Upside Down.


Myself and my sister are both capable of use of this dimension for remote viewing, telepathy etc implying some kind of genetic element - my sister has followed a different route mainly transcendental meditation as opposed to my more formal academic and Qabalistic approach and she is now a professional psychic.  When I was younger, around eleven, I used to imagine creating psychic routes to other people by tunneling through this dimension, implying some kind of solidity to it.  During my archangel work in 2001 Uriel showed me this dimension by opening a portal in the back of my fireplace quite like the scene from Stranger Things where Winona Ryder is smashing a hole in the wall.  Numerous journeys to the astral have featured a highly viscous black gel. This material of anti-time, once quarried, can be hewn and held - important exercises in the Sefer Yetzirah teach us to carve letters from this void and weigh them.  Holding a freshly quarried letter in the mind is a bizarre experience - vision is synaesthetically mixed with feeling or touching the heft and shape of it.  When brought back this nugget of anti-time will create a specific Kingship or impression as it reacts with time and disipates into the phenomena it causes.

In my opinion a lot of the failure to develop psychic abilities falls on the fact that many are trying to develop them or deploy them in the wrong area of the brain, the whole notion of putting two fingers to the temple and willing with the front of the brain is extremely misleading.  You need to use the back of the brain and you need to learn to achieve effects through pulling rather than pushing - pull towards, or pull up (to the astral - like a cable ferry).  This is not disimilar from the more mundane magic of strange attraction be it through altars, sigils, etc they also work by pulling.  The back of the brain i.e. the cerebellum with the pineal being the front of this brain could be considered to be the access to ''11'' and the Will, (Ratzon, Kether) or ''1'' could be said to be the frontal cortex - substantial interference between the two is caused by the ego.  


That Will is abducted and Eleven released in the beginning of Stranger Things is suggestive of the relationship between these two brains.  Often the Will, misguided by the ego interferes with the use of psychic powers - as the seat of executive control it is mainly concerned with stopping or preventing behaviour.  That the psychic needs to be egoless or submit to a higher power is an idea we see throughout esoteric mysteries - for example a medium channeling a spirit needs to empty themselves or a Kabbalist is one who is an empty vessel capable of reception.  In order to achieve this in government funded black operations where the individual prisoner is unwilling to surrender the ego it could be smashed with trauma based mind control in order to unleash this inner Eleven of magic*.  Regrettably the nightmares of those individuals may then bleed into reality.

*This character also speaks to the notion of the Fallen Daughter who lies atop the Shells (Qliphoth).

Friday, August 12, 2016

Raziel - Speculation on Silicon Trees, Enlil vs Enki and the Past

Apparently There are No Forests on Flat Earth.  Are flat-earthers, hollow-earthers and nut-shell earthers all completely insane?  Maybe but nevertheless this was amazing food for the imagination.  Faerie forests of the ancient earth with giant silicon trees and mushrooms that reached up way above the clouds and sheltered country sized ecosystems in their branches?  It makes me speculate on what Raziel's revelations about the future mean for the past.

In earlier communications Raziel has insisted that time travel is also invented in the past as well as in the future.   There are two simultaneous inventions that serve to create the pinchpoints that close off the present time stream in order that the events leading to the invention of time travel are not tampered with in any way.  Remember that apparently universes that do not invent time travel do not cohere at all.

In order to get your head around the invention of time travel in the past you need to understand the concept of reverse causality or retrocausality, that the future creates the past.  As a magician one way to approach this would be to consider that an egregore, apparently built from our thought-work, in fact causes us to exist not the other way around.  In this way though the ''Gods'', as time travellers, live in ''the future'' they can effectively ''create'' us.  Raziel stated that the events in the past cause the future as much as the future causes the past therefore two points of invention are necessary.  In light of the above video and what Raziel was saying about the post-invention world, where time is treated like space and looks a lot like the astral, might not our ''past'' also be ''astral'' too.  If beyond the pinchpoint with the past, we open into another kind of astral plane then I see no reason why it could not be occupied by outlandish cloud busting silicon trees and pulsating mountain sized cosmic mushrooms.  I mean, why not.

My own connection with our more immediate past in Sumeria is becoming ever more clear to me.  The Tigris-Euphrates region, and my vision of the Metabolism of Time are closely connected - from the mountain range in the north to the delta in the south and the Tower of Babel just below the kink of the rivers.  It is clear that various geographical, archaelogical clues have been encoded in the vision alongside the physiognomical material - for instance the possible site of a crashed disc and also a city that sunk beneath the marshes.  I assume that the 1890s graphic filter is derived from my previous incarnation.  I have pointed out in an earlier post that the shape of the Tree of Life closely resembles the structure of the region of Sumeria especially when you supplement the main river system with the network of paths and roads that would have existed between the cities.  

My summer reading has included both We've Never Been Alone by Paul von Ward, an account of the advanced beings (ABs) that have shaped our world, focusing mainly on the Annunaki alongside an excellent concise scholarly work called Mesopotamia by Gwendolyn Leick which looks at the history of the region using the cities - Uruk, Nippur, Eridu, Lagash, Shurrupak etc as its focus.  Although I think the ufo community makes a great number of leaps of faith on the actual history of the Annunaki, there are so many gaps in the archaeological record (alongside bizarre things like being buried with models of little lizard men) that I don't see why there should not have been some alien or time travel involvement somewhere in the mix.  Although the pinchpoint with the past could be millions of years ago it could also be relatively recently trapping us in an almost biblically sized closed time stream.

There seems to be this bias against Enlil in the Enlil vs Enki discussion - the premise being that Enki wants humans to have advanced technology and acts as a kind of Lucifer or Prometheus figure and that Enlil wants to deny them the goodies.  The thing is when we hear accounts of saucers switching off nuclear missiles I kind of think they prob. should be switched off, that maybe human beings are not ready for the tech or in fact would pervert it to violent ends.  I am as eager for the truth as any esoteric aspirant but I can see both sides of this argument.

I am rambling now and this post is speculation anyway as I have not asked Raziel the relevant questions about the structure of the past yet - although it seems to stand to reason to me.  I really recommend the video There Are No Forests on Flat Earth it is as bizarre as it sounds and if you can't stomach this kind of fantasy you are probably in the wrong subject area.

**Bear in mind the relationship between the Brickwork and the Sefirot.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Raziel - Time Travel and the Future

As you know I have been working with Raziel on the subject of time travel.  In previous messages, I was informed that basically this timestream is closed because if you were to be able to change any events in it then you could possibly interfere with the invention of time travel. This means that this timestream is entirely determined with serious implications for ''magic'' (there is some selection possible but only those universes whose decisions aggregate in the invention of time travel are realisable).  It can be observed from the future, but not interacted with in any way.   ''The future'', i.e. the period after the invention of time travel is, from the perspective of a time traveller, treated like space and ''colonized''.  The next piece of the puzzle was this message which after unpacking seems to complete the model of the future.

''At the moment of the *invention* of time travel, trillions of people will instantly appear.''  - Raziel
This moment of invention is Year 0 and since time is space in the ''future'' it is effectively a kind of Mecca, a *place* that everyone wants to visit, bearing in mind that you can't interfere/interact with anything before this. After a clarification question on the period of time necessary for the proliferation of time travel technology Raziel stated that this doesn't happen. From the moment of invention, all the future is colonized already.  What would it be like to be some random individual in Year 0, with trillions of freakin' time travellers spontaneously materializing and then I assume just enveloping and absorbing our entire culture? Also what would it be like to be the person, or people who ends up inventing it? They think they are going to be famous and then are instantly mobbed!  I think although some people will hold it together and join them, but the vast majority will just go insane and our culture will be over.

What does this future look like where time is treated like space? According to Raziel it looks like the astral plane, the implication being that the astral is the future - this seems to support the temporal entanglement theory of occultism that some of us have been working on.  Raziel was keen to make clear that the there is a not a period of time where new time travellers are staking out claims over various epochs playing out a kind of gold rush over the vast millenia as this is already done.  The structure that subsists in the astral future is based on archetypes and seems to play into a polytheistic reality.  Again like in the present there are vast super voids of uninhabitable time in the future. 

I speculate that universes where time travel is not possible do not cohere at all, time travel provides the pinchpoints, or twists that hold universes together and separate them into three distinct realms - past, present, future. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Metabolism of Time - Social Interaction and Immmunity

These important findings about the relationship between immunity and the way in which we interact socially are entirely consistent with Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time.

When overlaid with the endocrine system the middle section of the Metabolism of Time diagram shows a link between the thymus gland, reponsible for setting our immunity as we grow up, with the way in which our inner mind or ''ego'' deals with the experience of the moment, often other people.


We zoomed in on these physiognomical characters in early 2013 - The Confused Venutian and the Shellfish - two of the characters that were revealed in the original vision in 1994.  The Analysis of the Moment is revealed by the Confused Venutian and his scanner and ray gun - representations of how the immune system works by checking whether the target is either a foreign body or a self cell.  If the scanner reveals it to be a foreign body then it will be destroyed by the ray gun - the host of destructor immune cells, if it is a self cell then it will ''enter the mind'' and be responded to in the reaction to the moment shown by the Shellfish i.e. greeted cheerfully.

You are looking at several years to master the Metabolism of Time but the information on this site represents ''the missing link'' in understanding the alchemical motto of As Above So Below - that the human mind functions in exactly the same way as the biological cell.  The work on the Metabolism is listed chronologically so if you go back to the very beginning of the site and print out the material with Metabolism in the title you will have ''the book''.

notes to self

- analytical? always looking to place blame? Confused Venutian
- bitchiness, objectification of other people and the self + the above - path between Confused Venutian and the Bloodless Being
- jumpiness, revenge seeking + Confused Venutian i.e. ''antibodies'' - path beetween Confused Venutian and the Jay
- sluggish immune system, trusting, gullibility, being a sucker, people constatntly, taking advantage but very friendly and liked - Shellfish
+ skin autoimmune disease - path between Shellfish and Mime
- avoid ''mummification'' of kids, if over protected ''an Egypitan mummy of bandages and sarcophagi, immune system will not develop properly, let kids play in the mud, etc
+ Theory of Knowledge/Genetic Disease two mummsie types likely to produce severely immune impaired kids, this is the manifestation of ''twin-ego'' relationships of either two Shellfish, or two Shellfish-Mimes

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Metabolism of Time - The Book of Fantastic Lies




Thursday, July 7, 2016

Robust Branching Moments

I want to apologise for not blogging for a while and assure my readers that I will be back but a number of things (plays, films, teaching) conspired to murder June.  As many of you know I remain part of the Gentlemen for Jupiter and consistent prosperity work brought me to what I would now call a robust branching moment.   One of the mottos of the G4J was ''When Kingdoms Come'' and I knew that I had reached this significant moment in the course of the operations when I recieved a key role in the soon to be released computer game ''Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 1403''.  Transforming into a computer game character which involves lycra suits, motion capture and face mapping is a fascinating experience and esoterically dovetailed with both the rising interest in simulation theory over the course of the last year and some of my own work with Raziel - I was provided with a opportunity to practically reflect on these themes with million dollar equipment.

The computer game experience is only one part of a general increase in acting work over the last two years which have seen me appear alongside Sean Bean and Noomi Rapace, and featured in the same TV episodes or films as actors like Donald Sutherland, Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom.  Fairly minor parts (lots of them related to the secret service...) but it all starts somewhere.  Certainly looking at it from the perspective of my younger self I wouldn't believe this was even possible.  As we all know many highly qualified actors work in coffee shops because there is little work and lots of competition so these are amazing opportunities especially for someone who studied genetics at university as opposed to theatre because of those exact same employment risks.

When we discussed robust branching moments we posited that there are certain key moments when we can deviate from replication and completely transform our lives but if we attempt to do so at any other moment we would effectively damage or destroy ourselves.  We talked about possible experiences being like tram tracks, change is possible when the rails allow otherwise you will derail the tram.  If the structure of time is similar to the structure of space, then we can expect thread like structures of realisable time, linked by robust branching moments, with great voids of uninhabitable time in between them. 

I have been torn in three by my skills and interests for a long time - by mathematics and science, esoteric or otherwise, by education and by directing/acting - and I have managed to alchemically cobble together a Bohemian lifestyle that allows this divided nature to be a strength but it remains unclear as to whether this is sustainable.  Although the freedom of movement on a tram is limited there are some things the driver can control the primary one being speed - its possible to gracefully transition on a robust branching moment by proceeding calmly or to have a very jarring experience if you go too fast.  ''Kingdom Come'' is a terrific synch ping as I approach the moment and strategically the best thing to do is to slow down.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The WMT - Tool-using Apes or Mathematical Magicians

The Doctrines of Mathematicks are so necessary to, and have such an affinity with Magick, that they that do profess it without them, are quite out of the way, and labour in vain, and shall in no wise obtain their desired effect. For whatsoever things are, and are done in these inferior naturall vertues, are all done, and governed by number, weight, measure, harmony, motion, and light.

  The 2nd Book of Occult Philosophy, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

In this chapter of his second book on Occult Philosophy Agrippa's commitment to Science and Mathematics along with his avowal of their efficacy in magic is clear.  Two subjects, historically intertwined and demonstrably lacking in the conversations of the modern occultist are Science and Qabalah.  If they do come up its more than likely part of an anti-intellectual, anti-Scientific, perhaps even a veiled anti-Semitic position.  In the WMT of today charges are regularly levelled at Science and the Qabalah is ridiculed.  To our alchemical forebears that made such sacrifices, endured persecution, trials and execution to bring Hermetic science to the world, that bore the accusations of signing demonic pacts for simply performing mathematical calculations, the lack of this kind of knowledge in the wizard of today would have been galling.

Obviously magic can be performed without the aid of Mathematics and Science but to study this particular tradition of the Western Mysteries and to be void of the Classics, Science and Mathematics seems absurd.  As has been pointed out before there is no longer an excuse as many of the books that one used to have to literally quest for are now freely available on the internet. Similarly with the abundance of resources and access to Kabbalah, access that would have made an occultist like Agrippa drool, it is amazing how deficient the standard knowledge of the so-called adept is, let alone their students.

Hence a Magician, expert in naturall Philosophy, and Mathematicks, and knowing the middle sciences consisting of both these, Arithmatick, Musick, Geometry, Opticks, Astronomie, and such sciences that are of weights, measures, proportions, articles, and joynts, knowing also Mechanicall Arts resulting from these, may without any wonder, if he excell other men in Art, and wit, do many wonderfull things, which the mosst prudent, and wise men may much admire.

 The 2nd Book of Occult Philosophy, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

In the last post, one of the subjects that arose was the use/necessity of tools in the performance of magic.  I believe that the process of going through sourcing specific materials and crafting tools to a high quality finish can't hurt the will.  As a trial for the magician, as a process which hones the devotion and focus it may be second to none... from a material perspective. Conversely when a magician improvises lazily or heavily it has to wound the operation and when tools become a kind of occult bling, we are definitely off the path.

The reasons that mathematics remains so essential to the magician, as to why it constitutes their most important set of tools, and why Iamblichus considered it to be the noetic aspect of Theurgy is that it increases the specificity of magical results by perfecting timing and other Qabalistic calculations, hones the mind to think logically or reasonably when dealing with the weird world of magic and prepares the soul to meet and ''manipulate'' the mathematical nature of ultimate reality. Sourcing that lionskin for the parchment is challenging, integral calculus perhaps even more so.

For it is a generall opinion of the Pythagoreans, that as Mathematicall things are more formall then Naturall, so also they are more efficacious: as they have less dependence in their being, so also in their operation. But amongst all Mathematicall things, numbers, as they have more of form in them, so also are more efficacious, to which not only Heathen Philosophers, but also Hebrew, and Christian Divines do attribute vertue, and efficacy, as well to effect what is good, as what is bad.

 The 2nd Book of Occult Philosophy, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

Obviously this does not apply to every reader but perhaps it would be a good time to put down your physical magickal tools and grimoires and refresh your Science and Mathematics this Summer Reengage with the subjects.  If you are completely unfamiliar with Science pick a textbook from one of the three main subjects - physics, chemistry or biology  - and make sure to study as you would at college. If you are already comfortable with basic science then push it out there a little bit and go deeper into one of the subjects you like - study cellular receptors, or virology, or enzymology; particle physics, astrophysics, nuclear medicine. Again stick to textbooks rather popular science and see it as work rather than pleasure.  Or watch the formal lectures available on you tube. Companion studies in a scientific subject greatly enhance the experience of reading the Western Mysteries.